Secret Proposal for Andrew and Sheridan Isle of Skye

Andrew was in touch with me some time before their planned visit coming over to the Isle of Skye for their Secret Proposal. Of course Sheridan had no idea what Sheridan was proposing to do, forgive the pun! We had a good chat about where to go so that I could hide reasonably well to take those so important photographs when Sheridan would say ‘I will’. So we decided on the waterfalls of Lealt and then a little bit further up the road to Staffin Beach. As I had never met Andrew I needed to be able to recognise him from all the other couples who were visiting this beautiful spot. So he sent me a picture a few days before and that worked a treat. I needed to do a top job for this lovely couple because they travelled all the way over from America to do the photoshoot with me.  The day worked out really well with good weather and two beautiful locations.  There are actually so many stunning places on Skye to choose from so if you are thinking of proposing and you want it discreetly photographed until those great words of ‘I will” are uttered please contact me. After that has been done we can then spend some time together to capture some ‘loved up’ images that you can treasure for the rest of your life.  Andrew and Sheridan sent me this email ‘We absolutely love the slideshow you put together for us! We appreciate everything from the experience and the attention to detail. We will treasure it always. Thank you so much again. Andrew and Sheridan’.  Well I loved being with you both and look forward to seeing your wedding photographs from America, unless you decide to come back to the Isle of Skye for that as well.!!!