Mathew & Gemma Secret Proposal Isle of Skye

When Mathew contacted me to say he wanted to arrange a secret proposal to his girlfriend Gemma I was really excited. He then told me he wanted to do it at Neist Point in November. Now I don’t know if you have ever been to Nest Point but it is a very exposed site. From March to October it is full of tourists which make it difficult to isolate a couple for their pictures. In the winter it can be extreme and if you are close to the edge of the cliff more than a little dangerous. We talked it through and Matthew really wanted that location so we decided to go for it.  Looking back on the event I am sure all three of us will have a good laugh about it. On the day we were the only three on that whole exposed section looking across to the Lighthouse.  There were gusts of wind up to 100mph strong, the rain was coming in sideways and hitting exposed skin like razor blades. I was really worried whether any of the photographs would turn out as my camera was soaking wet and the lens glass running with water.  Well you can see the results on the attached slide show and tell me what you think. It was a great photoshoot though with such a lovely couple. The secret part held up as Gemma had no idea that I had followed them up onto the top and I kept a discreet distance away shooting with a telephoto lens until Matthew finally told her what was happening. You can see that moment on the slideshow. I hope you enjoy it! Mathew & Gemma sent me the following message ‘Wow! We both love it. Thank you so much for doing that with the song.’