About Us

Specialists in Scottish Wedding Photography and Videography and now open in Isle of Skye with Talisker Studio and Gifts.  To book a Wedding or Elopement with us call 07768 864622 or email stephenpetersphotography@yahoo.co.uk.

We are a Husband and Wife team that absolutely love photographing Weddings and Elopements.

I have always loved photography and several years ago was asked to photograph a friends wedding which I hated!  It was the time when everyone lined up and said ‘cheese’.  Not my scene at all so I concentrated on more interesting things to photograph.  Then the digital revolution came along and suddenly the whole style of wedding photography changed.  It was now about storytelling, capturing the moment.  The in-word is photojournalism but it was really about allowing the Couple to be natural.

And that is why we love shooting weddings so much.  I say ‘we’ because I now work with my wife Ruth.  Every wedding is completely different and every couple adds something new to the day.  We love being there to capture that for you. We do not like being in the way as the magic of your day unfolds.  We look to capture the events as they happen.

If you are shy or uncertain in front of a camera, as many couples are, we will help with a little direction.  Sometimes a slight turn of the body, a shift in the angle of the head will capture the light perfectly.  We are there to make sure you have a full story recorded, to provide you with images that capture the romance and intimacy, to have an heirloom that can be passed down generations of your family and that will fill your heart with emotion every time you look at them.

Together we photograph and video weddings to ensure your first day as husband and wife is etched in your hearts as the best day of your lives.