A Wedding Photographers Advice

I hope you will not think us too forward but having photographed many weddings we have learnt so much along the way, a lot of which I believe will also be of great benefit for Brides to Be that will be looking at our website.

When you look at a Wedding Photographers website and see photographs of Grooms and Brides on windswept hills, in fields and near the lakeshore it is important to remember that these images take time to set up and sometimes to get to.  One of the most common problems we have found is the under-estimation of time needed between the end of the Ceremony and the arrival at the Reception.  As photographers we do not want to rush you, we usually allow for fifteen minutes outside the place of Ceremony to take informal photographs of you, your families and guests before we call for the formal photographs to be taken.  It is important to remember that formal shots can take a large chunk of the time you have available as it is not usually easy to ’round’ up all the people and sets you have on your list.  We always recommend keeping that list quite short so that not too much time passes.

When it comes time to go and get your intimate and romantic image with your Partner take into account that the Wedding Car you have hired may not be able to negotiate some of the roads, especially if you are looking for some of the wilder locations available.  We get round this problem by taking the Bride and Groom in our own car which is big enough to carry all the photographic equipment as well as the Bride in wedding dress and Groom.

Unless you are keeping your images confined to posing on manicured lawns it is inevitable that your Wedding dress will get marked, sometimes quite dirty around the bottom.  For photographs this is not a problem as the marks can be erased but if you are wanting to keep your dress pristine then thought needs to be given as to where you are going.

The Hair and Make Up artist(s) really needs to be finished an hour before you are due to leave your location to travel to the place of Ceremony.  This hour is besides any travel time needed.  This will give us enough time to get the images you will want to see of yourself after the Wedding Day is over.  At that moment you are at your most perfect.  Hair, make up and dress is perfect.  As the day moves on that might not be the case.  The room also may need to be cleared of ‘clutter’ so that it doesn’t detract from your photograph.  All these things take time!  There are many more points to discuss and that is why we always make time to meet up before both the Pre Wedding shoot and the Wedding Day itself.  We want to give you Images to Cherish and that you will be delighted with, so mutual discussion helps to achieve that.

Here are some more images from Sam and Lorna’s day.