Wedding Photographers Review 2012 Part 3

Well I have managed to get through hundreds of photographs to select just a few to put into this final review for last year.  We are really looking forward to tomorrow when we are at The Netherwood Hotel for a Bridal photoshoot, the images from which are going to be used by the Hotel and all those taking part in the day.  The great thing about a shoot like that is there is no pressure on time and we can make sure everything is perfect for each photograph we take.  Some Brides have expressed an interest in having a photoshoot like that away from the actual wedding day and we are very happy to accommodate such a request.

We got an interesting response today for a Winter Wedding photograph we submitted to a world wide competition and were informed we had achieved second place.  Now you make think second is not as good as first, however the photograph we submitted was from the very first wedding we did and there are many thousands of wedding photographers out there who have been practising many years.  So we were very happy to be placed second!