Wedding Photographers Lancashire with Thomas & Natasha Wedding Photography

Thomas and Natasha were married last Saturday in Morecambe and then drove across to Thomas’s home town of Barrow for the Reception.  We stopped off on the way at Furness Abbey and captured some images in the small derelict section next to the car park. If you want to go in and actually use the Abbey itself there is an entry fee of £100 so if you are considering wedding photography there then make sure there is a bit extra in the budget!  It was a great day, beautiful sunshine, great crowd of people, lovely family and a pleasure to be part of their day.  The problem we faced with this Wedding Blog was deciding which images to leave out, there are so many we could share with you.  So we decided to show just a few this week and then Blog a Part 2 next week!  One photograph we must draw to your attention is the Guys leaping in the air.  The fellow on the left showing the most agility is actually Thomas’s Father, way to go Brian!