Wedding Photographers Cumbria at the Inn On The Lake Ullswater

This week I thought I would re-visit one of my earliest wedding shoots and process some of the photographs I did not use back then.  As with most things in life one tends to improve with practice and back then my photoshop and software skills were somewhat limited.  So it was great fun to go back, something I would like to do from time to time, and see what I could do with some of the images that had been left in the locker room.  Zaeed and Mumtaz were a dream to work with and we became good friends as time passed by after the shoot. Zaeed lectures on Mathematics at Kendal College and Mumtaz is a Teacher for special need children.  The other not insignificant benefit of photographing them both was the amazing colours and style of their clothes. I just loved them!

Over the past year I have been asked several times to define my style of Wedding photography and of course there is a whole host of words out there to describe photographic styles, photojournalism, reportage, documentary, fine art and the list goes on.  I have come to realise that our (Ruth and I work together) style is based primarily around intimate images. We do all the other schtuff mentioned before but a common theme that runs through our work is ‘intimacy’.  The wedding is about the couple and the rest of us are there to observe. But ultimately it is about the love that the couple have for each other.  That is what we seek to represent in the photographs we produce.  You are the best judge of whether we succeed.