Wedding Photographer Awards

Wedding Photographer Awards for Stephen Peters.  For this Blog post we thought we would ‘show off’ a little bit!  We enjoyed a very successful 2013 and were delighted to be awarded no less than 5 Gold Awards from The Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers through the year.  Why is this of any importance to those of you who are considering booking Stephen Peters Photography for your Wedding Photography?

It is your guarantee that no matter what the conditions of the day we will produce results for you.  With so many wedding photographers offering so many different packages and prices it must be bewildering for you to know how to choose.  I read recently a survey that had been taken with Brides after the wedding had been and gone and one question asked was what would they change about their wedding day if they could go back.  By far the largest response was that they would pay more for a quality photographer.  We have all read the statements that the only thing the Bride and Groom are left with after the big day are the photographs and a wedding dress taking up space in the cupboard! This year we have had a number of enquiries from Brides who were unhappy with their photographer and asked if we could shoot some ‘mock’ photographs for them.  That is a very sad situation to be in after you have spent so much on a very special day.

So, please, if you are looking to book your wedding photographer come and meet us, have a look through the many real wedding Albums we can show you, talk to the Brides we have already photographed and find out why Stephen Peters Photography was a worthy winner of our Gold Awards.