Thomas & Charlotte Isle of Skye Wedding Photography

Thomas & Charlotte Isle of Skye Wedding Photography.

Thomas & Charlotte Isle of Skye Wedding Photography what a fun packed day. When I arrived and went to see Thomas there was a distinct feeling of nerves in the air.  So we had to take a few shots first to get the ‘Boys’ in the mood.  It was very noticeable as the day went on that they all got into it, especially Thomas. It is not unusual for us to have to give quite a lot of direction at the beginning of the wedding day.  Thomas, after the first half an hour, took to it like a duck to water!

Charlotte on the other hand was like a seasoned pro model from the moment we walked into the room.  One thing we always ask a Bride to do is make sure her hair and make up is finished at least two hours before the Ceremony. This means we can take all the special shots of final preparation, pictures with Mum and Dad, bridesmaids and whoever else happens to be in the room. Most important of all though of course is the Bride herself.  Charlotte was a star and was so easy to photograph.  We backed Dad into the room to turn him around to see her for the first time in the wedding dress.  Despite him being a Sergeant Major in the Army we definitely managed to get some emotion going and a few tears appeared!

The whole day was capped off with a wonderful fireworks display which was a surprise treat from Thomas’s Mum. Wishing you all the best guys on your life together and a big Thank You for choosing Stephen Peters Photography.