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David & Leigh Isle of Skye Wedding Photographer

David & Leigh Isle of Skye Wedding Photographer was a big family affair with David and Leigh as the centrepiece of a wonderful day.  Mist on the water made for some memorable images although we had to be extremely careful we didn’t get Leigh’s wedding dress messed up.  The pink wellingtons definitely helped.  They sent us the following message ‘Absolutely delighted with the photos and can’t wait to get them (on the USB), we would love to sort an Album too at a later date if possible’. View full post »

Jamie & Kayleigh Isle of Skye Wedding Photographer

Jamie & Kayleigh Isle of Skye Wedding Photographer in a very unique wedding environment.  We knew this would be different when we first spoke to Kayleigh and she outlined what she had got in mind for the day.  The venue was to be on the shoreline, the seats would be straw bales with wooden planks, the bridal car a taxi van and the reception to be held in a Tipi. Having said all that it was a glorious day and so relaxed.  There is always a first time for everything and for us this was it.  So our mission was to produce natural photographs that captured the moments as well as the intimate images that we are known for.  You can be the judge of how well we succeeded.  This is what Jamie and Kayleigh said ‘Hi Steve.  We have had a look through the photos and they’re great, we’re both really happy with them. We’re really pleased with the black and white ones.’

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James & Naomi Isle of Skye Wedding Photography and Videography

James & Naomi Isle of Skye Wedding Photography and Videography was a stunning and emotional wedding we recently photographed and filmed. They travelled all the way up from Bristol to get married and had met us at a local wedding fayre.  There was an immediate rapport between us all and we had such a lovely day together.  James and Naomi opted to have the Pre Wedding shoot with us and that turned out to be a wonderful decision as we worked through some photographic direction for the wedding day. Surrounded by gently lapping water and mountains proved to be an ideal background for this very much in love couple.  It was a real privilege to be with them for the most important day in their lives. View full post »

Isle of Skye Wedding Photographer Review 2017

Isle of Skye Wedding Photographer Review 2017. Occasionally at the end of each year we like to showcase a few of the weddings we have captured to give a good feel for the style of wedding photography we produce.  As you can see this selection concentrates mainly on the Couples photography.  This is a unique part of a full wedding day when we are alone with just the two of you for between 45 minutes to one hour.  It is a magical moment because it allows you to express your feelings for each other without onlookers, a truly intimate time which we are very privileged to record. View full post »

Guy & Sherin Isle of Skye Wedding Photography

Guy & Sherin Isle of Skye Wedding Photography was a stunning affair on a really bad weather day.  Regardless they threw themselves into the day and had a fantastic time.  They wanted to go up into the mountains and capture some images there with just the two of them.  Well we had to get everything set, get them out of the car for less than five minutes and then back in the car.  We got soaked but they were nice and warm, well maybe not warm! Then it was back to the Hotel for a hot toddy – for us! View full post »

David & Lucy Isle of Skye Wedding Photography

David & Lucy Isle of Skye Wedding Photography was a great example of two young people making the most of their very special day.  We met up with them early so we could take some ‘casual’ photographs and it was immediately obvious this was going to be a great shoot. Lucy looked so elegant in her wedding dress and she was a wedding photographers dream for setting up the very special images. David, as all good Grooms should be, was a marvellous support act and just fell into it as though he had been doing this all his life.  We are pleased to say though that this is his first and only marriage and we think they will be together all of their lives. View full post »

Terje & Kristin Isle of Skye Wedding Photography

Terje & Kristin Isle of Skye Wedding Photography was a great wedding for which the happy couple travelled all the way over from Norway.  If you decide to get married on the Isle of Skye or have an Elopement planned then please contact us.  We also now have a Studio suitable for Portraits and Commercial work.  You can find us on Instagram under Talisker Studio and Gifts.

This is what Kristin and Terje had to say about our service: Hi again Steve.  Thank you so much for lovely pictures!😍  So many beautiful and nice pictures Steve.  Once again thank you for a lovely day! We really enjoyed taking pictures with you. How you made us feel and the joy you spread among the guests!! We are truly grateful!! 😊Best Regards Kristin & Terje.

We have recommendations like this from hundreds of the wedding Couples we have photographed and filmed.  We would love you to be one of them!

Lee & Sam Wedding Photography

Lee & Sam Wedding Photography was a lovely intimate wedding.  Having established a thriving wedding photography business in the Lake District (under the name Schtuff Photography) Stephen Peters relocated to the Isle of Skye.  Here we now have a Studio and Shop trading as Talisker Studio and Gifts.  We post regularly on Instagram under that name.

The facilities we can offer include Wedding Photography, Wedding Videography, Elopement Photography, Elopement Videography, In House Studio for Portraiture and Commercial Photography and a range of exclusive products including Wildlife Canvas, Landscape Canvas, Greeting Cards, Prints, Skye Scented Soaps and Skye Scented Candles, Skye Mugs and Mousemats and Acrylics of various sorts. So this is a wonderful place for you to visit.

Please contact us on 07768 864622 if you would like a quotation for your wedding or commercial photography and/or videography.

Rob & Alissia’s Isle of Skye Wedding Photographer

Rob & Alissia’s Isle of Skye Wedding Photographer. As promised this is the second part of Rob & Alissia’s wedding photography.  We have photographed a few weddings at this venue and it never fails to impress.  With the stunning backdrop of the mountains beyond it makes an ideal location for such a happy day.  Rob and Alissia were both very keen to get the maximum out of their wedding photography, which makes it a real pleasure for us to work hard in creating as many opportunities as possible for images that the couple will cherish for a lifetime. View full post »

Rob & Alissia’s Isle of Skye Wedding Photography

Rob & Alissia’s Isle of Skye Wedding Photography.  We have split Rob & Alissia’s wedding photography into two parts as there are so many photographs to tell the story of their day. Weddings in the countryside are fantastic at any time of the year but when the sun shines and the venue is a beautiful hotel leading down to a Loch it certainly makes our role as wedding photographers so much easier.  This wedding was last Sunday and we had finished processing all the images and uploaded them onto the private gallery by today.

Alissia then wrote the following message to us ‘We are extremely pleased with the photos. It just brings back all the memories from the day.  I felt like I was in a dream!  Thank you both so much it was the best thing we did having you as our photographers’.

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