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Schtuff Photography Nominated as Photographer Of The Year by SWPP

We have just received some amazing news.  Schtuff Photography has been nominated as one of the shortlisted photographers for Photographer Of The Year by the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers. The email we received read as follows:

Dear Stephen


You have been nominated by our panel of judges for the award of ‘Photographer of the Year’.  Your image(s) will be placed in this year’s limited edition of ‘The Societies Collection’ book along with the other nominated images, all of which are eligible to win the title of Photographer of the Year. Should you be successful within the category you will then stand the chance of winning 3rd place, 2nd place or Overall Photographer of the Year.

To put this into context there are thousands of photographers around the World who are members of the SWPP so to get a nomination is an awesome thing for us.  Ruth and I have enjoyed immensely working for some really lovely Couples this year in some great locations and so we would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for putting up with us as sought to get the best images possible for your Wedding Day.  The final of the above event is in January so we will let you know how we get on in a future Blog.

Wedding Photographers Lake District with Gareth & Lorna

It was a bitterly cold day when Gareth and Lorna got married at Christ Church in Lancaster, however the Family warmed up the day with their enthusiasm for the young couple.  By the time we got back to the Lake District for Gareth and Lorna’s personal photographs the light had gone and darkness was descending.  Only the technical capability of the camera allowed me to capture some images, some of which appear to be in daylight.  My personal favourites are the moody Black and White photographs.  Gareth and Lorna moved house not long ago from Lancaster into Kendal and are now looking forward to settling down with their young son.

Most of our work between now and the year end will now switch to our Studio in Kendal. If you have not seen our Special Year End offer for any Couple booking a Wedding with Stephen Peters Photography then please read on.  Any Couple booking their Wedding Photography with us before the end of 2012 will receive a Complimentary Pre Wedding photoshoot AND a Voucher for a Lifestyle/Portrait photoshoot at our new Studio in Kendal. The Voucher can be given as a present to any Family member if you want. You can’t get a better deal than that!

































Wedding Fayre Inn On The Lake Ullswater Cumbria with Stephen Peters Photography

We had a great day at the Wedding Fayre yesterday at Inn On The Lake Ullswater with so much interest shown in our Wedding Photography. Bookings had already started coming in by the time we got home last night.
Any Couple booking their Wedding Photography with Schtuff before the end of 2012 will receive a Complimentary Pre Wedding photoshoot AND a Voucher for a Lifestyle/Portrait photoshoot at our new Studio in Kendal. The Voucher can be given as a present to any Family member if you want. Regards Steve

Winter Wonderland Wedding Fayre Inn On The Lake Ullswater Cumbria

Well, we are now getting close the the end of the Wedding Season.  On Saturday we are off to Lancaster for the Wedding of Lorna and Gareth and the reception later in the day back in Kendal Cumbria.  On Sunday 25th November we are at the Inn On The Lake in Ullswater Cumbria for their Winter Wonderland Wedding Fayre so we would be delighted to meet up with you if you can make it.  It has been an amazing year for us at Stephen Peters Photography with some remarkable milestones along the way, particularly the awards we have received from The Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers which included the Judges Award, 2 * Gold Awards, 6 * Highly Commended and the awarding of a Licentiate.  Do these things matter?  I suppose it all depends on your point of view. There are now hundreds of people advertising as Wedding Photographers, some at apparently incredibly low prices, however it is a fact that many have just bought a camera and then advertise.  For you to be sure you will get the quality you deserve on your very special day these awards help to set your mind at ease.  Of course it is also very important that you thoroughly check out the Photographers Blogs to make sure you like the style.

Any Couple booking their Wedding Photography with Stephen Peters before the end of 2012 will receive a Complimentary Pre Wedding photoshoot AND a Voucher for a Lifestyle/Portrait photoshoot at our new Studio in Kendal. The Voucher can be given as a present to any Family member if you want.

Wedding Photographers Cumbria with Stephen & Caroline Pre Wedding Photoshoot

Now we have to confess we were surprised Stephen and Caroline chose us for their Wedding Photography as they are both keen supporters of Liverpool FC and we are from Manchester!  As we all know there is only one team in Manchester and they have surpassed Liverpools achievements in the League.  So it was hard work taking the photographs of them both dressed up in Liverpool’s new football strip but I just kept reminding myself of the number 19!  Sorry Stephen.  They are due to get married in April next year at the Fayrer Garden House Hotel and this will be another new venue for us, so we are really looking forward to it.  There are five acres of grounds and some fabulous features inside the Hotel so we should have a great time with the Wedding Photography.  We actually had a great time together (really) for this Pre Wedding photoshoot at Lowther Castle in Penrith and we were once again blessed with good weather.  Despite all the bad weather we have had in the UK this year on every occasion we have been out to photograph a pre wedding or the wedding day itself we have enjoyed really good days!  So the moral of the story is book Stephen Peters Photography if you want a good day for your Wedding!




























Stephen Peters Photography Awarded Licentiate by Society Of Wedding & Portrait Photographers

Just received some incredible news from the Society of  Wedding and Portrait Photographers ‘Dear Stephen – It is with great pleasure that I am able to inform you that the images (20 from 5 different weddings) have been accepted as being of a professional standard and demonstrates your ability to create images of excellence and you have been awarded Licentiate of the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers’

Why is this so important to you?  Well first of all, out of the hundreds of photographers in Cumbria only four in total have been awarded Licentiate standard.  It is a guarantee to you that the standard of photographs for your wedding or portrait will be high.  Would we take a chance with a Dentist or a Doctor that hasn’t achieved their qualifications?  Probably not.  Over the last few months there have been some horror stories reported in the media where Couples have engaged the services of a photographer and been devastated when they have received very poor images.  The Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers have a huge membership spanning the whole globe and yet only a small percentage have achieved Licentiate.  For Stephen Peters Photography this is a great endorsement of the standard we have been pursuing and will continue to look at how we improve upon.  We would particularly like to thank the Couples that have supported us by booking us to capture their wedding images, it is only through that work we receive that we can achieve our goals.

We have worked at some fantastic venues this year including Holbeck Ghyll Country House Hotel, Broadoaks Country House Hotel, Storrs Hall Windermere, Leighton Hall Lancashire, Langdale Chase Hotel, Inn On The Lake Ullswater, Cartmel Racecourse, Mitton Hall Lancashire, Belsfield Hotel Windermere and now as you may have seen we also have our own Studio based in Kendal.  Good times!  If you would like Ruth and me to cover your Wedding then call us now.  Regards Steve.

Wedding Photographers Lake District with Mark & Selena at Holbeck Ghyll Hotel Cumbria

Mark and Selena were married at the prestigious Holbeck Ghyll Country House Hotel.  Recognised as one of the best restaurants in the North, Holbeck Ghyll Michelin-Starred fine dining rooms form the focal-point of most visits to this country house hotel and for Mark and Selena it proved to be a superb location.  They have lived and worked  in Dubai for the last five years but the Lake District was their chosen destination for their special day.  Selena looked fantastic in her Ian Stuart wedding dress and Mark and his Groomsmen had all treated themselves to some very smart suits from Ted Baker.  The Ceremony and the Reception were both at Holbeck Ghyll so for Ruth and I it was an easy afternoon and there are so many great places around the Hotel to get memorable images. The time of the year was spot on as well as everything was turning to Autumn colours.  All in all a great day. Music was supplied by Take Cover, a band that travelled up from Liverpool.

We have also announced on our general website the opening of our new Photographic Studio in Kendal.  So if you are interested in Before/After, Portrait, Family, Lifestyle or Model photoshoots please give us a call as we now have the facility to shoot indoors as well as out on location.



















































Wedding Photographers Cumbria with Michael & Katie at Cartmel Racecourse Cumbria

Michael and Katie were married at St Johns Church in Flookburgh Cumbria and then went on to Cartmel Racecourse near the picturesque village of  Cartmel!  We had carried out Michael and Katie’s pre wedding photoshoot some months earlier at Tarn Hows and for those that follow our Blog you may remember Michael had virtually immersed himself in the water.  For the Wedding however Katie was determined we would get some romantic and intimate photos and we think everyone is happy that we got Michael to stand still long enough to get them.  The grounds of Holker Hall and surrounding areas proved just right for some special images of the happy couple.  Samantha and Laura did a fabulous job of Katie’s Hair and Make Up and you can make contact with them at Harmony Beauty Therapy.  They are also exhibiting on Sunday 7th October at Storrs Hall Hotel Windermere Wedding Fayre. After we published Michael and Katie’s photographs to their private gallery we received a lively letter from Katie’s Mum which in part read ‘ Dear Steve and Ruth, Firstly thank you for making the day brilliant and what felt like almost photo free.  Brilliant photos – made Venty and I cry again!’.  It was our pleasure Gill!

We have also announced on our general website the opening of our new Photographic Studio in Kendal.  So if you are interested in Before/After, Portrait, Family, Lifestyle or Model photoshoots please give us a call as we now have the facility to shoot indoors as well as out on location.














































A Wedding Photographers Advice

I hope you will not think us too forward but having photographed many weddings we have learnt so much along the way, a lot of which I believe will also be of great benefit for Brides to Be that will be looking at our website.

When you look at a Wedding Photographers website and see photographs of Grooms and Brides on windswept hills, in fields and near the lakeshore it is important to remember that these images take time to set up and sometimes to get to.  One of the most common problems we have found is the under-estimation of time needed between the end of the Ceremony and the arrival at the Reception.  As photographers we do not want to rush you, we usually allow for fifteen minutes outside the place of Ceremony to take informal photographs of you, your families and guests before we call for the formal photographs to be taken.  It is important to remember that formal shots can take a large chunk of the time you have available as it is not usually easy to ’round’ up all the people and sets you have on your list.  We always recommend keeping that list quite short so that not too much time passes.

When it comes time to go and get your intimate and romantic image with your Partner take into account that the Wedding Car you have hired may not be able to negotiate some of the roads, especially if you are looking for some of the wilder locations available.  We get round this problem by taking the Bride and Groom in our own car which is big enough to carry all the photographic equipment as well as the Bride in wedding dress and Groom.

Unless you are keeping your images confined to posing on manicured lawns it is inevitable that your Wedding dress will get marked, sometimes quite dirty around the bottom.  For photographs this is not a problem as the marks can be erased but if you are wanting to keep your dress pristine then thought needs to be given as to where you are going.

The Hair and Make Up artist(s) really needs to be finished an hour before you are due to leave your location to travel to the place of Ceremony.  This hour is besides any travel time needed.  This will give us enough time to get the images you will want to see of yourself after the Wedding Day is over.  At that moment you are at your most perfect.  Hair, make up and dress is perfect.  As the day moves on that might not be the case.  The room also may need to be cleared of ‘clutter’ so that it doesn’t detract from your photograph.  All these things take time!  There are many more points to discuss and that is why we always make time to meet up before both the Pre Wedding shoot and the Wedding Day itself.  We want to give you Images to Cherish and that you will be delighted with, so mutual discussion helps to achieve that.

Here are some more images from Sam and Lorna’s day.



















Wedding Photographers Cumbria with Sam & Lorna at Broadoaks Country House Hotel

Sam & Lorna travelled over from Belgium to get married so this was a Destination Wedding in reverse.  Sam grew up in Cumbria and his Grandparents are resting in the Church where Sam and Lorna took their vows in Thornthwaite.  Time was a little short on the way back down to Windermere so we stopped off at Thirlmere and then took the long cut route to Broadoaks Country House Hotel via Holbeck Lane. For those who don’t know Broadoaks it is a delightful small Hotel nestling in the hills above Windermere.  The Boudoir bedroom where the Bride prepares for her day is a photographers dream with interesting light, a four poster and bold wall coverings.  Sam and Lorna had arranged for a beautiful old motor car, a 1930’s Daimler called James, to carry them from Windermere up to the North Lakes and back again. Champagne, a band from Liverpool, provided the evening music which was really well received and brought a fitting conclusion to a really good day.