Lake District Wedding Photographer New Signature Frames

We recently changed our supplier of Signature Frames and are so pleased with the look of the new ones we thought we would share a couple of photographs of Thomas and Natasha’s frame that we are taking to their wedding tomorrow.  They are available with either a black or champagne frame and the print can either be 10 * 7 or 12 * 8.  Total size of the frame is 24 * 20.  During the reception Ruth will go to each of your guests and ask them to write a goodwill message on the mount and after all is done the acrylic cover is put in position and the Signature Frame is ready to hang.  This is a great way to keep a memory to cherish for the pre wedding shoot and the Wedding Day.  As we all know the day itself is soon over and for most Brides and Grooms passes like a blur, so signature frames and albums help to remind us of a very special day in our lives!

So tomorrow is a busy day with the wedding of this young and vibrant couple, so keep an eye out for their Wedding Blog which hopefully will be on this website by the end of next week.



And now having been at the wedding on Saturday this is what the Signature Frame is starting to look like after the first half hour of the Reception!