David & Leigh Isle of Skye Wedding Photographer

David & Leigh Isle of Skye Wedding Photographer was a big family affair with David and Leigh as the centrepiece of a wonderful day.  Mist on the water made for some memorable images although we had to be extremely careful we didn’t get Leigh’s wedding dress messed up.  The pink wellingtons definitely helped.  They sent us the following message ‘Absolutely delighted with the photos and can’t wait to get them (on the USB), we would love to sort an Album too at a later date if possible’.

Dave’s Best Man had a fight with himself during the ceremony trying to get the ring case out of his pocket which provided great amusement for all those present.  Apart from that the day went very smoothly owing to Leigh’s careful planning and plenty of family support.

If you are thinking of a Wedding Elopement to the Isle of Skye, a wedding at one of the beautiful venues on offer here or simply just want to have a photoshoot with the stunning backdrops available on the Island please give us a call.  Our number is 07768 864622.  We also have a Studio you can visit at Talisker Studio and Gifts, Carbostmore, IV47 8ST. We are on the junction of the road to Talisker Bay and also the one down to Talisker Distillery so we are quite easy to find.  There is now a large sign indicating where we are!