Cumbria Wedding Photographers with Anna Cherish The Dress Photoshoot

Here are a few images of the Cherish The Dress Wedding photoshoot we took with Anna who told us she wanted a Vintage theme for the shoot.  Whilst this shoot was underway Anna had also asked us to capture some product photography as she hand-makes vintage hair combs and you can find her products at  The Old Mill was a perfect location for this kind of photography and Anna the perfect Bride!  Many thanks to Gemma who came along to look after the hair and make up arrangements. Gemma has her own business and can be found at  I haven’t really had time to process many of the photographs from Anna’s shoot as we also had two other photoshoots on the same day, one with Amy which was a lifestyle shoot and the other with Katy with her three children, Brody, Joel and Robin.  Hopefully I will catch up with those galleries later this week.  Next up is a Wedding with Thomas and Tash in Morecambe and a follow on photoshoot around Furness Abbey amongst the Cloisters so really looking forward to that.