Anthony & Lucy Isle of Skye Wedding Photography

Anthony & Lucy Isle of Skye Wedding Photography was a lovely day with the Bride and Groom, Anthony and Lucy, who were clearly very much in love.  We were blessed with a beautiful day and very friendly family and guests. Whilst we were down on the jetty a couple who had a boat moored noticed us taking the wedding pictures and by surprise brought across two glasses of champagne.  Of course this went down rather well, although it did slow down the proceedings a little!  Once we had settled back down we were then joined by a curious swan that clearly wanted to be on the action as well.

Our Studio in Carbost is now up and running so if you are interested in wedding photography, elopement photography or portrait photography you are welcome to come and visit.  We can show you a number of Wedding Albums all of which are hand made in Italy and of course you can shop for all the presents you need for family and friends as well.